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Nylon Yarns are hygroscopic and these have exceptional strength. Strands of this fiber are compatible with various colors. These are mainly required for warping, knitting and weaving of threads and ropes.
Polyester Fiber & Yarn
Polyester Fibers & Yarns are known for their unique sweat absorption properties. These have low elongation rate and have high tenacity level. Strands of polyester are used for embroidery and knitting purpose.
Polypropylene Fiber & Yarn
Polypropylene Fibers & Yarns are known for their recyclable nature. Due to their special weaving pattern, filters made of these fiber strands have high dirt holding capacity. PP fibers are highly durable by nature.
PVA Film & Fiber
PVA Films & Fibers have stable chemical attributes and these are available in various solubility level based options. These are UV protected, colorfast, long lasting and have high tenacity level.
Textile Fiber & Yarn
Textile Fibers & Yarns are used for designing sportswear, upholstery products and jackets. Strands of offered products are wrinkle protected and these are extremely durable. These yarns are compatible with fibers of silk, cotton and wool.
Viscose Fibre And Yarn
Viscose Fibers And Yarns are used for weaving, embroidery work and also stitching purpose. These are used in stonewashed jeans and in work attires. Soft to touch, these yarns are highly durable.
Textile Tow
Textile Tows are suitable for lacework, embroidery and weaving application purpose. These textile items are also used to strengthen properties of wool and polyester. These high strength tows are available in various count range based options.
Linen Yarn
Linen Yarns are known for their skin friendly attributes. These highly breathable strands have distinctive brightness and smoothness. Soft to touch, these yarns are damp protected. We offer these yarns in different colors.
PVA Non Woven Fabric
PVA Non Woven Fabrics are known for their high breathability level, good water solubility range and environment friendly content. These non woven textile products are available in different length and width based options.

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